Hot Desk for Short Term Projects in Sydney

Are you looking for a hot desk in Sydney for a short-term project? If you are, Anytime Offices is your best choice for that. We provide hot desks with a full range of amenities and services. We offer a flexible solution that ensures you get the room and the desk you want. This means you will no longer be restricted to a particular office and a long-term lease.

Hot Desk in Sydney is a good option for the kind of business that requires a flexible workplace. And if you are the kind that loves being around people with ambience and interaction, a hot desk is definitely for you.

Hot Desk Amenities

The best part about getting a hot desk in Sydney with us is that you can pick the space you want and pay only for that. We don’t have any locked contracts and that gives you the freedom of upgrading anytime. So, if your business is growing, you can just notch-up your office space without any hassle.

You will have to get your own computer, but other than that, we provide you with a range of amenities like:

  • Desk, chair, and other office furniture
  • High-speed internet connection
  • Access to a scanner, fax, printer, photocopier and other accessories.
  • Complimentary beverages from our kitchen
  • Office access as and when you want.
  • Friendly staff

On request you can also have access to the boardroom and meeting room along with virtual receptionist and we can organise catering.

In case you are working with a team, we can provide as many hot desks in Sydney as you need. You will only pay for the ones you rent and use and not the entire office. You can book us by the hour as well. If you need something different, contact us, we will discuss, try to provide what you need and set the payment accordingly. So, you can get a customised package with us.

Rent A Desk, Sydney

No longer do you need a commercial lease to rent out and entire office; Rent A Desk is the perfect solution. You simply hire the number of desks you require, for the scheduled time you need. Rent A Desk can accommodate your business needs on an hourly/ weekly/monthly basis. With little to know setup required; you can enjoy instant access to our equipment and utilities and of course your own workstation all you need to bring is your laptop.

Get in touch with our customer service team now to rent a desk in Sydney, Australia.

Add Ons

Our package for hot desks in Sydney can have some add ons as well. You can add our telephone answering services to your package and virtual receptionist as well. As mentioned earlier, you can book our services by days as well as by hour.

If you have any questions, you can contact Anytime Offices. Our team will answer all your questions and work with you to deliver what you need. We work to provide you the best options and service in the business.