Fully Equipped Shared Office Spaces in Sydney

When you are a small office or freelancing, it will only be wise to rent shared space in Sydney. Finding a good office is hard and often, the kind of workspace you need might be too expensive for you. Paying too much for a workspace you don’t need will only be wasting your money. That’s where the concept of a shared office comes in handy. Anytime Offices is the best company to provide shared office space to rent in Sydney.

Benefits of Shared Office Space :

If you have some redundant space in your office, you might want to share the workstations or self-contained units. You can rent them out to smaller companies who are looking out for smaller space for work.

  • It cuts down the unwanted expenses on the unused space.
  • You get to work with other like-minded people adding to your experience.
  • Offers flexibility on space, cost and time
  • Affordable office space in your budget
  • Not bothering about amenities and other services
  • You can just get to work as soon as you get there.

A shared Office is an extremely good idea if you are a small start-up or a small working team. Even freelancers can benefit a lot from this.

Amenities We Offer

Anytime Office’s shared office space in Sydney comes with a lot of amenities and other facilities like:

  • High-speed Wi-Fi
  • Access to printer station with a scanner, fax machine and photocopier
  • Virtual receptionist on request
  • Meeting rooms
  • Board rooms
  • Complimentary beverages
  • Access to kitchen
  • Mail distribution
  • Concierge service if you need to pick something up from outside.

With all these and more on your requirement, you can’t ask for a better place at a price affordable to you.

Dedicated & Hot Desks

Anytime Offices offers shared space in the form of both dedicated and hot desks. You can rent a dedicated desk of your own in the shared office. You get to have the same desk at your selected location every time you come in. While if you rent a hot desk, you get an open spot in a common area. You bring your laptop, pick a desk every time you walk in and get to work. With a hot desk, you will get to work with different people around you every time and at a new place.

You can also pick some additional add-on services for both the packages and you can book as many desks as you need by paying just for them. Our services include furnished shared office space, latest upgraded technology, access to facilities centres, serviced business centre set up, property cost and other value-added like networking and advertising. We commit to providing a smooth shared office process where our customers can enjoy their work hours with everything they need. We are a well-known shared office space provider who is popular for their flexible approach that embraces one’s individuality.

For anything you need, just contact us and we will create a customised deal for you in Sydney.