Virtual Receptionist Sydney

Anytime Offices offers all kinds of office assistance including a Virtual Receptionist in Sydney.

How does a virtual receptionist contribute to your business?

The receptionist is an important job role in companies but not necessary to have it in all the companies. Virtual receptionist adds more value and acts as a saviour for all the new start-ups. Here are a few advantages of why hiring a virtual receptionist for your business in Sydney:

1. Cuts down on cost-

Hiring a virtual receptionist is cost-effective. You don’t have to pay extra for extra hours or less for fewer hours. You also need not have to worry about providing extra work benefits to a virtual receptionist.

2. No additional expenses-

When you have a human receptionist, you have to provide him or her with office essentials like desk, chair, table and more. With a virtual receptionist hired from Anytime Office, you do not have to spend on the office essentials.

3. Flexible-

Unlike human receptionists, virtual receptionists can work anytime whenever you want in a day or at night according to your need.

4. No training-

Many employees need the training to begin their work but with virtual receptionists that is not the case. You don’t need to train a virtual receptionist to serve any of your purposes, it just knows what it is supposed to do.

How do our virtual receptionists work in Sydney?

Having a receptionist can surely create a good impression of your business and enhance your credibility as well. However, sometimes it is not possible to have a full-time receptionist on payroll to take care of your business activities, in that case, our virtual receptionist can be very fruitful. You will be allocated a unique number by our team for your business. Our receptionist will operate from this number. you can divert your business phone number to the number provided by us. A brief about the nature of your business and how to greet your business associates, customers, partners etc. will be taken in advance.

The virtual receptionists will be responsible to answer the call and facilitate communication. You can also let us know how you want your message to be conveyed to you that is via phone or mail.

why choose Anytime Office Virtual Receptionist services?

Having a dedicated virtual receptionist can be a very cost-effective strategy for a company to ensure that phone messages do not go unanswered. Some of the services offered by the virtual receptionist in Sydney include taking messages, transferring calls to colleagues, providing necessary information to the caller and much more.

The flexible service and easy to use answering software make it more desirable. A dedicated Australian virtual receptionist will be provided by Anytime Offices. You can continue if you want. There are several pricing packages for a virtual receptionist – you can browse through them on our website and opt for the best suitable one.

Still not sure? Visit our website today to know more about our services. You can also enquire about our service by filling the enquiry form and our team will be happy to help you in every possible way.