March 2023

Pros and cons of working in a Shared Office

What is shared office? A shared office space is an arrangement in which multiple businesses rent office space at the same location.  This allows businesses to save on overhead costs associated with traditional office leases, such as rent, utilities,  and other expenses. Additionally, shared office spaces can provide valuable networking and collaboration  opportunities, as businesses are able to work together […]

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Is Virtual Office Space/Hybrid Work Model For Me?

What is virtual office space (hybrid space)? Virtual office space is quickly becoming an essential part of modern businesses. In a nutshell, hybrid work model is a way of allowing employees to work remotely without having to be physically present at the office building. With advanced technology like cloud computing and VoIP, businesses can access their office systems and data […]

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Hybrid Work in Australia

What is Hybrid Work?  Hybrid work is a work model that combines both remote work and in-person work, allowing employees to  work in both locations on a regular basis. This type of work arrangement offers greater flexibility to  employees and allows them to balance the benefits of remote work with the advantages of being in an  office setting. Advantages of […]

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