How to set up a new business whilst working from home. Low-cost business ideas are in demand as COVID19 continues to shake up the global economy on a huge scale. For an entrepreneur, this could be the perfect time to finally embark on a new career adventure, all whilst working from home. If your interest is in how to set [...] Read more
Work From Home Covid 19

COVID-19: When Work From Home Is Not An Option

Who would have thought 2020 was going to be the year that would rock everybody’s world? Across the globe, we have faced huge challenges medically, economically, socially and environmentally.  People, lives, homes, businesses, families have been torn apart. Now, as we continue to grapple with our ‘new normal’. Many of us within the business community are finding new ways to adapt and […]

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Cybersecurity Breaches

Ways To Prevent Cybersecurity Breaches Whilst Remote Working

With the current world pandemic, flexible and remote working have become key requirements for a lot of professionals. However, worries about cyber security in a home office can prevent businesses moving towards having a remote team. Although working from the comfort of your own home sounds appealing, anything from your desktop computer to your smartphone can be turned into a […]

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Sanitised Office Hub

Sick of Working from Home? You’re Not Alone! Save Your Sanity with a Sanitised Office Hub.

As lockdown conditions begin to ease, many of us will be glad to wave goodbye to our dining room table and head back to the office. For some, this won’t be possible due to the business set-up being incompatible with social distancing.  In this instance, a sanitised satellite office fully equipped with admin back-up and careful social distancing rules in […]

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Botany Gallery

Building The Workspace of The Future – 6 Reasons Why You Should Consider Anytime Offices for Your Next Place of Business

When we were first setting up Anytime Offices, we were keen to offer something different than the many co-working spaces that were popping up in Sydney.  Now, 4 years later, we are well down the track of offering something quite unique and it is the Anytime Offices point of difference that many of our customers tell us is the reason [...] Read more
Botany Gallery

Mum’s the Word with Anytime Offices

If you’re a mum running a business from home, you will be all too familiar with the daily juggle of fitting your work into everything else you need to do each day to keep the household running. In between the school drop off, laundry, shopping and school meetings, no wonder many business mums end up working late into the night [...] Read more
Jeremy Maspero

Interview with Jeremy Maspero

If you are a business owner of a services based company, having a professional and smart office is a must for client meetings. But offices can be costly to run, leaving you with two choices – soak up the cost yourself and reduce profits, or pass on the additional overheads to your customers. Solicitor Jeremy Maspero has come up with [...] Read more


As the year draws to a close and a new one starts, it’s time to reflect on our key learnings and consider how we move ahead. If you’ve had a ‘ho hum’ year, then maybe it’s time to make a change and shake up where and how you work to bring in some fresh energy and inspiration. Here are some […]

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Botany Gallery Image 11

New Flexible Work Laws From 1 December.

The Fair Work Commission has announced important changes to Australia’s flexible work laws that come into effect this week. From 1 December 2018, employers will need to make a genuine attempt to reach an agreement on flexible work arrangements and provide detailed reasons for refusals. While workers don’t have an uninhibited right to their flexible work request, the new clause […]

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