How To Redirect Mail In Australia: Your Comprehensive Guide

Table of Contents


  1. What is Mail Redirection?
  2. How Can I Redirect My Mail in Australia?
  3. Cost of Post Redirection
  4. Key Considerations for Redirecting Your Mail
  5. Alternative Solutions for Mail Management Summary of key points

How to Redirect Mail in Australia: Comprehensive Guide to mail forwarding services

Redirecting mail in Australia is a crucial service for anyone moving houses, changing business locations, or needing their mail managed during extended absences. This guide will cover everything you need to know about postal redirection, from the process to the costs involved.

What is Mail Redirection?

Mail redirection, also known as postal redirection, is a service provided by postal authorities to forward mail from an old address to a new one. This service ensures that all mail, from important government communications to personal letters, reaches you without delay. It’s particularly beneficial during transitions where missing critical mail could lead to financial losses or administrative hassles.

How Can I Redirect My Mail in Australia?

Australia Post offers a straightforward procedure for redirecting mail:

  • Application: You can apply online through the Australia Post website or visit your nearest post office to fill out a redirection form.
  • Verification: Proof of identity and authorisation to redirect mail from the address are required.
  • Payment: After verification, the payment for the redirection service is processed based on the duration and type of redirection needed.

This process ensures your mail follows you seamlessly to your new location, minimising disruptions in your daily communications.

Cost of Post Redirection

The cost of post redirection through Australia Post varies depending on the duration and whether the redirection is within the state, nationwide, or international. For example, a three-month local redirection might cost significantly less than a year-long international redirection. Understanding these costs can help you budget effectively for your needs.

Key Considerations for Redirecting Your Mail

Before setting up a mail redirection service, consider the following:

  • Duration: Estimate how long you’ll need mail redirected to avoid unnecessary expenses.
  • Type of Mail: Some types of mail, like parcels, may require additional fees or different handling procedures.
  • Legal Requirements: Ensure that you have the legal right to redirect mail from the concerned address, especially in cases of shared tenancies or business locations.

Alternative Solutions for Mail Forwarding

For individuals or businesses that frequently change addresses or have specific privacy concerns regarding their mail, traditional postal redirection might not be the most efficient or secure option. Mail forwarding services like Anytime Offices provide virtual mailing address and private mail handling, offering a flexible and confidential solution.

Virtual Office Address: This service provides a stable mailing address where all correspondence can be received. This is ideal for those who do not have a permanent address or are often on the move.

Address and Mail Service: Anytime Offices and similar providers offer services like mail scanning, where your letters are opened, scanned, and emailed to you. This ensures that you receive your mail promptly, regardless of your location, and maintains confidentiality, especially important for sensitive documents.


  • Privacy: Enhanced privacy, as your mail is handled discreetly and securely.
  • Convenience: Access your mail online from anywhere, which is perfect for digital nomads or those who travel regularly.
  • Reliability: Avoid the risk of lost mail during multiple relocations with a consistent mailing address.
  • Address Consistency: Important when building your financial credibiity.

These alternative mail management solutions can complement or serve as a viable substitute to traditional postal redirection, ensuring that your mailing needs are met no matter your lifestyle or requirements.


Redirecting your mail efficiently ensures that you stay connected to your important communications, regardless of where you are. With Australia Post’s redirection service, you can manage your postal needs smoothly and effectively. Whether you’re relocating temporarily or permanently, understanding the process and costs involved in mail redirection can help you plan better and avoid any mail-related inconveniences.