Sick of Working from Home? You’re Not Alone! Save Your Sanity with a Sanitised Co-Working Hub.

As lockdown conditions begin to ease, many of us will be glad to wave goodbye to our dining room table and head back to the office. For some, this won’t be possible due to the business set-up being incompatible with social distancing.  In this instance, a sanitised satellite office fully equipped with admin back-up and careful social distancing rules in place can offer the perfect solution.

“We are receiving an increasing number of enquiries from businesses who need an additional office set-up for individuals and teams who can’t be accommodated at their head office.  We are also receiving calls from home workers who have had enough of working from home and just want their home back for relaxation and family time. The line between home and office has blurred and for many, it’s just not working,” said Robert Okulus, managing director, Anytime Offices.

Robert said that when lockdown took place, he and his team had to move really quickly to adapt their set-up to make sure Anytime Offices was accessible and safe.  

He said that luckily Anytime Offices at Randwick and South Botany are already generously spacious with a high proportion of individual self-contained offices.

“The first thing we did was to have our professional cleaners go through and give every office and communal area a thorough deep-clean with hospital grade cleaning products.   We are already meticulous with our cleaning but we took extra care to make sure no nook or cranny was spared.  We have continued to clean this way every single day since,” said Robert. 

In addition, he said that he and his team had implemented a rigorous social distancing policy that all clients had embraced, providing a safe working environment and offering peace-of-mind.

“We have been so thrilled to see that even though we have had to keep our distance and remain separate, there has been a real sense of community, with everyone doing their bit to keep themselves and their co-workers safe,” he said.

Robert said they were continuing to implement rigorous health safety measures, including:

  1. Free hand sanitiser for all clients 
  2. Mask wearing in community areas, eg kitchen/boardroom
  3. Partitioned cubicle desks spaced a minimum of 2.0 metres apart in shared office spaces
  4. 24-hour on-site and remote technical assistance for smooth-running zoom meetings
  5. No visitor policy 

“We will continue with these precautions as long as necessary to ensure all our clients can enjoy a health-safe working environment to enable optimum working conditions.  Feel free to get in touch and come and see for yourself,” said Robert.