What exactly does a Virtual Assistant do?

What are the benefits of hiring a Virtual Assistant?

And who needs Virtual Assistants?

Let’s investigate how this business strategy can be your key to entrepreneurial success today.

What is a Virtual Assistant?

A Virtual Assistant is a multi-skilled, self-driven service or person who offers professional administrative, technical, or creative assistance to clients remotely. With particular skill sets, they can assist numerous clients and work on different projects.

Some of the most typical jobs Virtual Assistants execute include:

  • Office administration
  • Receptionist work
  • Data entry and management
  • Inbound phone customer support
  • Social media support/marketing
  • Accounting and Bookkeeping
  • Personal tasks
  • And many more!

These are only a few of the things a Virtual Assistant can manage. They have an extensive range of skills and knowledge useful to you and your company.

Top Reasons to Hire a Virtual Assistant for Your Company

To take care of your wellbeing and mental health during COVID19, there are things you can do.
Are you asking yourself why hire a Virtual Assistant for your business?
Here are a few reasons why business owners need a Virtual Assistant:

    1. Decrease your overheads

Working with a VA is a big money-saver and an ingenious investment choice.
Here’s how it can help you save money:

      1. Lower operational costs

Instead of getting a full-time in-house worker to do a small or particular job, a Virtual Assistant would be better as they can manage more than just one kind of task. They usually charge either on a project or package basis.

In contrast, you must pay a full-time worker a salary and take care of their medical benefits, worker’s compensation, sick leaves, holiday leaves, and taxes.

Virtual Assistants are responsible for all the expenses they encounter in the conduct of their services. Moreover, as they are working remotely, there are no overhead expenses like equipment, office space, and internet connection, which is brilliant profitability.

      1. Lower training costs

By investing in Virtual professionals, you can also save on training costs.

Many businesspeople spend loads of money to have their workers trained every time a technology their company requires enters the market. Merely invest in a VA who already has the skills.

Without having to worry much about errors and the usual issues faced with first-time office workers, you can get your Virtual Assistants to work right away!

    1. Spend less time on admin

Investing in a Virtual Assistant is a two-edged sword in attaining profitability because not only does the strategy lower business cost, but it also boosts productivity.

This is for two reasons:

      • Today they are more skilled and cover different practices
      • It gives you more time to concentrate on tasks that are vital for making your business grow

Every business has a list of non-core activities to do like:

      • Call answering
      • Scheduling
      • Email management and newsletters
      • Market research
      • Data entry
      • And many other things…

While these are essential tasks, they’re not core tasks that need to be done by an in-house team. Pushing your in-house workers to do these tasks takes away time they could be spending on things that need to be done in person.

A good Virtual Assistant can help with a variety of tasks, meaning you can focus on growing your company and not on data entry. Concentrate on the work you love and shine at, and delegate the rest!

    1. Scale-up business operations

The demand for work will broaden as you grow your company. Get a Virtual Assistant who can help scale-up your company fast. As you set the objectives that can pilot your business towards long-term success, they can handle additional tasks as needed and support you.

When you invest in a VA for your day-to-day operations, you can now comfortably cope with the growing work demands without doubts rather than stressing yourself about how you can maximise your time and resources doing all the things that need to be done.

    1. Time zone advantage

Another reason why successful companies should hire a Virtual Assistant is that some VA’s work across different time zones, working around the clock to maximise business productivity. Our Virtual Assistants work in Australian NSW time zone. As we service Australian businesses, we can take calls, update CRM systems etc, because we are always only a few hours apart from all the states and territories.

    1. More time for strategic planning

If your company is taking off and you can’t find the time to get everything done, think smart and delegate work to a professional. Having your own VA builds space for you to work cleverer and dedicate your workday to the more important areas needing your full concentration and drive. Planning strategically is fundamental to recognise growth opportunities and set objectives that will pilot the business.

    1. Effective customer handling

Voice support is a vital part of your company, as it puts the identity and reputation of your brand on the line.

Taking care of customer service calls, however, can be a very laborious task. Find Virtual Assistants who can help you in this aspect. You can choose to have them handle calls for you, while you’re in the middle of vital work.

    1. Quality service

Virtual Assistants are dedicated to offering very productive outcomes and providing value to their clients.

They know your company revenue also counts on the effective execution of their tasks. Their reputation and business success rely on how well they can please their clients.

VAs try continually to offer high-quality services, being enthusiastically devoted to their work. At times, these assistants perform at a higher level than the traditional full-time workers.

    1. Avoid selling your soul to your company

Investing in a Virtual Assistant to help handle, manage and do tasks on your list helps relieve the workload and stress you face in the day-to-day operations of your company. At the same time, it allows you more freedom to spend with your family and friends. Other than being an entrepreneur, we must remember we also play different roles at home. We have personal relationships which need attention and care.

Who Needs Virtual Assistants?

It’s apparent that Virtual Assistants can be very beneficial to your company.

But what is the tipping point that tells you it is the right time for investing in a Virtual Assistant?

    1. When you have work that doesn’t need a full-time employee

Hiring someone full-time is unfeasible when there’s a task that only needs a small amount of time. It’s better to use virtual assistance from a remote expert in such cases, when there are small tasks or one-off projects.

    1. When you’re overwhelmed by your present workload

If you find your tasks or to-do lists piling up so you’re ending up scattered and accomplishing less and you’re getting a little too overwhelmed with the things you need to do for your company, then here’s some wisdom: the best Virtual Assistant can help you with all of that!

One way to prevent becoming overwhelmed is to delegate tasks to someone dependable and able to handle numerous responsibilities and duties. You can distribute or hand over the items on your to-do list to your VA. This is one of the reasons why successful companies hire Virtual Assistants.

    1. When you want to use your time more effectively

It is time to really think about investing in a Virtual Assistant if you must spend long hours not just for a week here and there, but almost all the time.

This is especially true if the hours you spend at work are consumed by monotonous, tedious tasks like social media comments and answering customer service calls.

    1. When you find yourself doing tasks that you don’t really find stimulating, pleasant or thrilling

Routine tasks can be a welcome change from work that calls for thoughtful planning and strategizing. They can be stimulating and sometimes spur creative ideas. There is no reason why you should give up these tasks completely if you enjoy the calm, even pace of them.

On the other hand, if you don’t find any liking or value in them, you should find someone else to do them for you. It is time to truly think about working with a Virtual Assistant.

Doing things you dislike leads to burnout; being able to delegate some of your tasks keeps you from feeling overwhelmed and from losing concentration.

Now that you know the benefits of hiring a Virtual Assistant, what’s stopping you?

Why hire a Virtual Assistant?
The answer is simple.
They can help you streamline your business operations in no time!
Thinking of investing in a Virtual Assistant in 2021? We’ve got you covered!

With our skilled experience covering many years in numerous business functions, we are more than armed to help. Our Receptionist Service will even answer your client calls on your behalf, using your business name and forwarding all messages to you.

And our in-house team are keeping their skills acute by undertaking professional development and training – so you’ll have access to the best and smartest talent at a reasonable price.

More than anything, we honestly care about your company and its success. We invite you to check out our range of Virtual Business Services. Whatever type of company you own, we are self-assured we have the skills to make it operate even better.

At Anytime Offices, you can access customer centric, experienced Virtual Assistants any time you require it without the costs of having a worker. You can free up your time for personal breaks and scale your company by staying concentrated on your core business functions and outsourcing the rest.

We look forward to working with you soon!

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