What is a Virtual Office?

A virtual office provides a physical address for a business without the business being located there. This allows mobile businesses, the self employed and other types of businesses to maintain the appearance of a physical location even though that business may only exist on the web or in another country.

What types of businesses benefit from a virtual office?

Any business that would like the appearance of a physical address without wanting the overheads or commitment of taking a physical space. This can be especially useful for when businesses expand into a new region or a mobile business that would like to offer customers a physical address to send mail.
Virtual offices can be suitable for all types of businesses ranging from mobile hairdressers to virtual bookkeepers or Mobile Computer Services. It works particularly well for the self employed who work from home but don’t want to give out their home address. Often times, the business taking the virtual office are seeking a more prestigious address.
Anytime Offices offers both physical and virtual office space with packages to suit all types of small businesses. Our virtual offices can include mail and telephone forwarding making it easier to create a seamless integration between the virtual address and your physical location.