15 Focus Areas When Setting Up A Flexible Workspace For Tomorrow’s Needs


At Anytime Offices, we’re not just creating workspaces; we’re sculpting environments that resonate with the evolving needs of modern professionals. With a rich history spanning two decades and a portfolio showcasing over 100 diverse projects, our expertise lies in understanding and responding to the dynamic pulse of workspace demands. We shortlisted 15 focus areas for building owners and landlords to consider when setting up a flexible hybrid off

  1. Small Office Spaces: A Strategic Choice

Our experience has taught us the resilience of small office spaces. Like the keystone in an arch, these compact units provide stability and adaptability to the entire structure of a business centre. Even in fluctuating economies, these spaces remain in constant demand – easy to fill and easy to manage, representing a secure investment in any business climate.

  1. TheKitchen: A Hub of Connection

We’ve seen the humble office kitchen transform into a bustling centre of interaction and idea exchange. More than a mere place for a quick snack, it’s a communal heart where relationships are nurtured over shared coffees and casual chats. Strategically placed to encourage interaction yet close enough for easy upkeep, these kitchens become the live wire of our business centres.

  1. Coworking Spaces: Beyond Just Desks

Our coworking spaces are designed with a deeper understanding of ‘sharing’. It’s not just about physical space; it’s about creating a symbiotic environment where businesses, from freelancers to startups, can coexist, share resources, and potentially, ideas. This approach has forged unique success stories – where collaborations born in shared spaces have led to enduring business ventures.

  1. Designing Open Spaces: A Calculated Blend

Open spaces like lounges and collaboration areas are more than just aesthetic elements. They are carefully crafted to balance the need for communal interaction with the necessity of revenue generation. Our focus is on creating spaces that are inviting yet functional, fostering casual networking without compromising on the workspace’s commercial viability.

  1. Ground Floor Locations: Visibility Meets Accessibility

Our preference for ground floor or easily accessible locations is based on proven advantages. These spaces quickly garner attention, establish brand presence, and tend to achieve occupancy faster. This approach has been validated in numerous projects where ground-level centres have evolved into bustling business hubs.

  1. Location: The Strategic Factor

Choosing the right location is akin to setting the stage for a successful play. Our locations are handpicked for accessibility, vibrancy, and their potential to become integral parts of the local business community. This thought process ensures that our centres are not just workplaces but active participants in the local business ecosystem.

  1. Investment in High-Quality Furnishings and Equipment

We believe that the quality of a workspace is reflected in the details. Ergonomic chairs, sleek yet functional desks, and state-of-the-art technology are not just amenities; they are statements of our commitment to providing an environment that values comfort and professionalism in equal measure.

  1. Membership Options: Reflecting Diversity

Understanding the varied needs of our clientele, we offer a spectrum of membership plans. From temporary hot desks to permanent office spaces, our plans are designed to cater to the diverse spectrum of work styles and business needs, embodying our philosophy of flexibility and client-centric solutions.

  1. Unparalleled Customer Service

Our team is the backbone of the Anytime Offices experience. Trained not just for efficiency but empathy, they represent our ethos of service that goes beyond the transactional. They are the problem solvers, the facilitators, the friendly faces that transform our spaces into a community.

  1. A Thriving Community Ecosystem

Our commitment extends beyond leasing office spaces. We curate events, workshops, and networking opportunities, fostering an ecosystem where businesses don’t just coexist but thrive through collaboration and shared growth.

  1. Cutting-Edge Technology Integration

In an era where technology defines efficiency, we ensure that our clients are equipped with the best. From lightning-speed internet to advanced AV setups in meeting rooms, our technology solutions are meticulously chosen to enhance productivity and ensure a seamless work experience.

  1. Evolutionary Business Practices

Staying ahead of the curve, we continually refine our services, aligning them with emerging trends and client feedback. This dynamic approach ensures that our offerings are not just relevant but pioneering, setting new standards in workspace solutions.

  1. Marketing with a Story

Our marketing strategies are narratives about our passion for creating workspaces that resonate with modern professional needs. Each campaign is an invitation to experience workspaces that are more than mere structures – they are vibrant communities.

  1. Financial Insight and Strategy

Financial prudence is at the heart of our operations. We maintain a vigilant eye on budgets, revenue streams, and market trends. This financial acumen allows us to make informed decisions, ensuring the sustainability and growth of our ventures.

  1. Right Software Solutions

A right software solutions are pivotal when managing a successful hybrid, flexible workspace. To ensure the right perception and to give members access to self service tools while automating various operational processes, the software should include following components

  • Standard solution/suite of apps to manage business (CRM, Accounts, Email, cloud storage, etc)
  • Flexible booking system and visitor management
  • IT management software (connected to booking portal, accounts, door access, CCTV)
  • Members Portal (self-service – account management, booking portal, collaboration, guides and how to’s)
  • Marketing (social media, email campaigns, website integration)
  • Flexible payment processing tools

A Call for Collaboration

We extend an invitation to landlords, building owners, coworking providers, and businesses. Whether you seek comprehensive consultancy or hands-on management services, Anytime Offices is equipped to transform your office into a thriving hybrid workspace or well performing and low maintenance business centre.

Join us in redefining workspaces – where innovation meets community, where every detail is a step towards collective success.