Can You Stay Fit With An Office Job?

8 ways to stay active despite working from home or doing 9-5 desk job.

Although you do work out the brain throughout the day, it’s hard to find ways to exercise in between  work meetings and lunchtime. You may try to convince yourself that the daily trips to the bathroom  or that short walk to the coffee shop add up to something but deep down, you know they probably  don’t.  

According to health professionals, calories lost while exercising dwarf those consumed on average  each day. And yet the benefits of exercise besides burning calories are manifold such as preventing  certain conditions (heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and osteoporosis for example),  improving mood, reducing stress levels, and increasing energy boosts. Moreover, the University of  Harvard Health department professionals claim that to keep consistently healthy, one must factor in a  minimum of 30 minutes of moderate exercise or 15 of intense exercise a day.  

So, let’s find out the 8 best ways to add exercise to our daily hustle and bustle. 

1. Stretch out that daily walk

Think about it – you do get quite a bit of walking done throughout the day as required. Why not take  advantage and make it so that those walks become your daily exercise? Two birds with one stone!  

Heading in to work? Park someone farther or get off at the previous stop to walk the rest of the way.  Out buying your morning coffee? Why not go to that café a little further away to try them out? It  might be the best you’ve ever had and you won’t even notice you’re walking there if you start doing  it every day. Going out to fetch lunch? Walk at a faster pace, clenching your muscles and taking  deep breaths in and out.  

At the Anytime Offices locations, you’ll find this an easy task to accomplish as we are located on  bustling streets with plenty to entertain as you get your walk done.

2. Small office with a gym access may be what you need

Simply saying you’ll “go to the gym” won’t be enough to motivate you! In fact, having no direction  at all when at the gym may be the reason why you avoid it so much! So why not try a fun approach  instead? Grab a co-worker or two, choose from amongst those cool classes you’ve been meaning to  try and go all out!  

Anytime Offices members benefit from a preferred pricing and special terms with the friendly local  gyms located in the same building – In Randwick – Rise Fitness and in Botany – NRV8 Fitness

Want to work on your core and strengthen your muscles? Join an intense cardio workout. Prefer to  work out in a more passive and relaxing manner? Sign up for that hot yoga class.  

Worried about changing into your workout clothes? No worries! At Anytime Offices private bathroom  stalls available onsite. Moreover, Anytime Offices Randwick boasts onsite shower facilities available  only to our clients. 

3. Do your workout at the park

Not a huge fan of gym environments? Fair enough! Why not walk to a nearby park and do your own  work out there?  

Anytime Offices is conveniently located near parks or grass-filled areas to be used at your leisure.  Alison Park is 0.28km away, Fred Hollows Reserve – 1.3 km, Centennial Parklands – 1.9 km. You can  select a short workout video from the thousands of free options on YouTube and get that exercise  your body craves locked in! Or join outdoor training group – Feat Fitness is highly recommended  with groups in Maroubra and Coogee. 

Enjoy the fresh air as you soak up the sun in the green areas hidden within these suburban areas!  

4. Bike riding and other modes of transportation

Have a great bicycle gathering dust at home? Feel like investing in one but not sure when you’ll use  it?  

Why not simply include it as one of your main modes of transportation? Get that work out in as  you’re heading in to work in a refreshing and fun way!  

Stay safe by keeping updated on changes within bike routes and rules but rest assured knowing that,  at Coworking space in Randwick, your bike will be kept safely at our bike racks.  

Not a fan of bicycles? Why not give roller-skate, scooter, or even skateboard a try? It could be a fun  new learning experience and you’ll be adding exercise to your routine without even noticing it! 


5. Window shopping

It’s hard to inspire yourself to go for walks, especially if you need to justify your walk or give it a more  enticing purpose than just “to be healthy”.  

So why not go window shopping? You don’t have to get anything, but it doesn’t hurt to look around  and, in the meantime, you’ll be stretching out your legs and giving your back a well-deserved break!  

Anytime Offices locations are fantastic for this purpose as they are located near multiple, wondrous  shops for your perusal and enjoyment.  

Need to do some grocery shopping for the night’s dinner or the morrow’s breakfast? All sorted!  You’ll find everything you need and more in the vicinity of your office at Anytime Offices locations.  

6. Walking meeting

Have a lot of meetings today? Maybe you have just one long meeting? Why not implement walks  within these meetings?  

At Anytime Offices, you can meet your client at our welcoming reception area and invite on a calm  walk to a nearby coffee shop. Enjoy the break away from the office as you engage with your client  and get to know them better in a relaxed environment.  

Want to stretch out the walk? Head over to a nearby green area and stroll carelessly as you present ideas and venture out propositions. Need somewhere a little more formal to finalise things? Make  your way back to your Anytime Offices centre and book one of our corporate meeting rooms  available by the hour or by the day!  

7. Dance the stress away

One of the most powerful elements in convincing yourself to move around a little is music!  

Whether you care to admit it or not, most of us have those songs that make us want to get up and  boogie no matter where we are!  

So why not give dance classes a try and dance your way to healthy? Whether it be through fun  ZUMBA classes at the gym, through professional classes in a dance studio or through some evening  groove at a local club, dancing can be an excellent way to factor in your daily dose of exercise and  boosting your self-esteem!  

Near Anytime Offices, you’ll find recommended studios such as MOVE by Aric and Masha  (Randwick) and Pose Performing Arts Centre (Botany).  

8. Swimming

Swimming can be a great way to exercise and hey! We are in Australia, land of endless beaches and  surfing, right? So why not take advantage? Take a break to from the hustle and bustle of your day  and head on down to the nearest beach! Anytime Offices locations are neatly situated close to  several beaches such as Maroubra, Coogee, Bronte and Clovelly beach!  

Not a huge fan of sand or waves? No problem! Enjoy the use of one of the multiple swimming pools  in the area with a flexible membership at clubs such as Randwick and Coogee Amateur Swimming  Club or the Botany Olympic pool. 

So, there you have it folks! Eight ideas on how to add exercise to your busy schedule feel and look fit  despite Enjoy!