Why Choosing The Right Serviced Office Is Vital For Your Business Growth?

Business owners often wonder how they can grow their business and expand operations to  accommodate more clients. With limited financial resources and only a small amount of space at  your disposal, it can seem like an impossible challenge. But with strategic planning, sound  investment strategies, and a little bit of foresight, growing your company does not have to be so  challenging. Growing your company is easier than you think… if you choose the right serviced office  provider. Why? Because choosing the right serviced office provider means choosing one that  encourages growth and expansion. In this article, we will reveal why choosing the right serviced  office is essential for business growth and expansion, as well as provide you with some expert insight  into what you should look for when selecting a serviced office provider.

What is a Serviced Office?

A serviced office is a type of office space that companies rent for periods of time, as opposed to  owning their own office space. The idea is that you can use rented office space more efficiently than  simply owning the building and investing in its setup and maintenance. As the name suggests, a serviced office is a flexible workspace that lets you rent a space or even rent a desk only based on  short term basis. Included in your office fee are facility cost and you get access to shared amenities  including kitchens, collaboration areas and meeting rooms. Setting up a serviced office is a fantastic  way to save money and use less space, while still maintaining the same level of business  productivity. Serviced offices are ideal for businesses that do not need a huge amount of office  space, or do not have the funds or resources to invest in creating their own premises. Serviced  offices are also an attractive option for startups, as they are a straightforward way to establish operations without having to fork out enormous amounts of money on either the premises or the  lease. In Sydney, affordable serviced offices can be leased with Anytime Offices.

How Does Serviced Office Growth Benefit Businesses?

As we have discussed, a serviced office can be an excellent option for businesses that do not need a  huge amount of office space, or do not have the funds or resources to invest in creating their own  premises. That said, serviced offices are not just for startups — established businesses can also find  them useful for managing their operations efficiently, particularly when it comes to managing  growth. In fact, the serviced office market is predicted to show particularly rapid growth over the  next few years, as more businesses discover the benefits of serviced office space. A serviced office can help your business grow by providing you with flexible workspace that lets you quickly expand, or contract as required. This allows you to be more agile, and respond to fluctuations in demand,  without having to re-invest in your premises, furniture, equipment, etc. At Anytime Offices, you will also find that the lease terms are flexible and as accommodating to our clients’ needs as possible.

Why Choose a Serviced Office Provider?

Choosing a serviced office provider can be challenging, and it is important to remember that every  business is different. We recommend that you take a step back and approach your search for the  right serviced office provider with a bit of a blank slate, as this will help you identify the key factors  that are important to you and your business. Before you begin your search, you should think about  what workspace solution would work best for your business, and what you want from a serviced  office. Outline “Must Have’s” and “Good to Have’s”. Here are some things to consider, and questions  you can ask yourself, to help you narrow down your search: 

  1. What size of serviced office do you need? 
  2. What location does your business need access to? 
  3. What is your budget? 
  4. What is your preferred serviced office type? 
  5. What additional services do you require? 
  6. What do you like best about your current serviced office provider?
  7. What do you like least? 

Finding The Right Provider for Your Needs

Finding a serviced office can be challenging, and it is important to remember that not every  establishment delivers the same level of service or offers the same type of amenities. That said,  given that serviced offices are required to meet certain standards and criteria, you can expect that  your needs will be catered to. Here are some tips to help you identify the right serviced office  provider for your business:

  1. Research the market – You should begin your search by researching the serviced office market and the spaces that have availability. You should also consider checking  online reviews of the workspace and their social media. 
  2. Contact a few providers – Once you have identified several potential locations, you  should contact each of them and have a quick chat. Try to navigate the conversation to  evolve around your requirements and not what the to establish early if the space would  be a good fit for you. 
  3. Schedule an appointment — It is advisable to inspect the space in person before deciding. If you are in Sydney, do consider Anytime Offices in your search. Our centres are in the lovely Eastern Suburbs and Sydney South. Our facilities are modern and our  team is professional and friendly. You will find affordable office space for rent equipped  in all features necessary to run a successful business operations. Call today to discuss  your requirements in more detail. We will find affordable office space for your business. 


Choosing the right serviced office is vital for your business growth. The best option for you depends  on a variety of factors, including your budget and the location of your workspace. You can begin your  search by researching the market and contacting a few different providers. You can also conduct  market research to help you identify the best-serviced office provider for your needs. And do not forget – Anytime Offices in Sydney will strive to provide you and your business with the environment  it needs to grow and succeed.